Class A fireproof decorative board
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Class A fireproof decorative board
Material characteristics
Bohengyi board is a new type of fire resistance composited with natural inorganic minerals as the main material, polymer modified materials as reinforcing agents, no ammonia ions (except for trace hydrogen ions in tap water), and lightweight materials as fillers.

Based on the advantages of cost, environmental protection and fire resistance, it can replace wood panels such as wood panels, B-level flame-retardant plywood, and multi-layer boards that are widely used in the current decoration market. This product can replace wood and save natural resources.
The unique smooth and rough surface of Boheng Yi board provides functional diversity for customers to use. The smooth surface can be pasted with wallpaper, aluminum-plastic board, decorative fireproof board, veneer, PVC, spray paint or latex paint and other rough surfaces can be pasted with ceramic tile, marble, granite, ash and latex paint. Magnesium crystal plate has excellent affinity for the above-mentioned materials, and can be used for secondary processing on site or used twice. It can be bent with a diameter of 45CM without loss of physical properties.
Combustion performance class A1, Safe and environmentally friendly, Non-toxic and Tasteless, Waterproof and moisture-proof, Insect and antiseptic, Thermal insulation, Good workability and has the dual advantages of organic board and inorganic board.
Bohengyi board performance display

Bohengyi board performance display
Test items Technical indicators Test Result Conclusion
Combustion performance class A1 GB 8624-2012 NON-Combustible A1 CLASS Qualified
Flexural strength, Mpa ≥10 11.2 Qualified
Impact strength, KJ/m² ≥2.0 3.2 Qualified
Surface density t/m² > 1.0, ≤1.2 1.1 Qualified
Dry shrinkage % ≤3.0 0.1 Qualified
Swelling rate,% 0.>6 0.2 Qualified
Chloride ion conten >10 0.027 Qualified
Formaldehyde emission, mg/m² ≤3.5 ≥0.5 not detected (less than 0.01) Qualified
Radioactive material / / /

Widely used in partitions, ceilings, wall substrates, various shapes, etc. Board, moisture-proof board, can replace wood plywood as wall skirt, f urniture, inner plywood of fire door, outer packaging of equipment box and other fields. The surface has good colorability, high strength, easy to bend and toughness, can be nailed, sawn, can be glued, and the construction is convenient. At the same time, it can be used for projects in humid environments such as basements, civil air defenses and mines. It can be combined with a variety of thermal insulation materials to make composite thermal insulation boards. It is especially suitable for fire protection requirements in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, ships and trains. Effective protection of forest resources, can be described as a substitute for wood in the 21st century, and enjoys the reputation of "technical wood".

Comparison of Bohengyi board and other products
Comparison of Bohengyi board and other products Bohengyi board, glass magnesium board, calcium silicate board/cement fiber board, gypsum board are all inorganic mineral boards, which are widely used as wall panels and ceilings in interior decoration.

Comparison of industry pain points of flame retardant plywood and Bohengyi board
Industry pain points Solutions Price comparison
The highest grade is B1, most of the flame retardant plywood cannot reach to B1 level, on-site random inspection is not supported; Combustion performance A1 level, support on-site random inspection The sales price of iron board is more than 20% lower than the comprehensive cost of the real B-grade flame retardant plywood project.
Not resistant to water, easy to mold when soaked in water; Various decorative layers can be directly made on the board surface, and one board can replace the original B-grade flame retardant plywood, gypsum board, woodworking board, save the cost and shorten the construction period.
The release of formaldehyde exceeds the standard. Moisture-proof, blisters-resistant
Formaldehyde emissions are lower than European standards.

The combustion performance is A1 level, support on-site sampling inspection; It can be used with all kinds of panels, surface decoration materials or raw veneer for secondary processing, and one board can replace the original B-grade flame retardant plywood, gypsum board, woodworking board, save cost and shorten construction period;
No ions (except for trace ions in tap water), unchanged Shape, no moisture, no halogen, no frost;
It can be pasted, cut, nailed, drilled, painted, sawed, planed, and cut with a utility knife, which is convenient for constructio; Light weight, easy to carry, no damage, not afraid of water, not afraid of moisture, even if immersed in water, it will not deteriorate and break.
The board body is flexible and elastic, and can be bent to make various shapes. Zero formaldehyde
MgO plane Cement fiber board/calcium silicate board Plasterboard
High shrinkage rate, easy to deform and even break; The expansion coefficient is about 0.6%, and the water absorption rate is slightly higher (about 30%). Thickness below 12mm, can only reach Class B fire resistance standard.
The raw materials contain a large amount of chloride ions, and after moisture absorption, the halogenation and frosting are serious, and the keels and screws are corroded; The board body is steel, and the general construction method is adopted, which is less convenient. Severe water absorption, easy to expand and deform.
Return to halogen and lightning will cause the finish to fall off; The steel body of the plate is hard and cannot be bent to make a shape, Gypsum board is difficult to be processed twice, the surface adhesion is poor, and it cannot stick to tiles.
Poor flexural strength; Both calcium silicate board/cement fiber board are difficult to construction. Heavy weight, laborious handling, high breakage rate, afraid of water, afraid of moisture, soaked in water will paste, serious deformation
Moisture absorption will accelerate chalking. Heavier weight, laborious handling, high breakage rate, intolerant of water and moisture. Cannot do wet light cement grouting construction
Due to the brittleness of the plate during handling, it is easy to break. Cannot finish.

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