Refractory air duct
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Refractory air duct
The metal air duct refractory cladding system is filled with 50MM rock wool on the outer surface of the original metal air duct, and covered with 9MM magnesium crystal air duct sheet. After the coating, the fire-resistant integrity and fire-resistant heat insulation of the original metal air duct can be improved to three hours, which can ensure the normal operation of the smoke prevention and exhaust system in the fire, and meet the fire protection system in GB51251-2017 "Technical Standard for Building Smoke Prevention and Exhaust System". Requirements for the fire resistance rating of ventilation ducts.
  • Refractory air duct plate 8mm 1 hour fire resistance limit
  • Refractory air duct plate 9mm 3 hours fire resistance limit
  • It is suitable for smoke prevention and exhaust systems of commercial and civil buildings, and smoke prevention and exhaust systems of hospitals and subways.
  • Combustion performance class A1 Waterproof and moistureproof High strength and light weight Reduce dryness
    No halogenation, no powdering Easy to process Fire resistance limit 180min
    It is suitable for all smoke prevention and exhaust systems, and can replace the metal duct cladding system.

    Category British and German stocks across the network seem to be set Gold black air duct hard wrap Metal duct soft cladding
    Install Integrated installation, less process, convenient installation and high efficiency Requires two installations and construction, and the construction period is long High labor cost and long construction period
    Quality The machine is integrated in the factory, and it is easy to assemble and install on site hrough connectors, and the quality is guaranteed. The self-weight is relatively heavy, and the requirements for the fireproof board and the boom of the wafer are high. Manual operation, there are many uncertain factors on site, appearance five:
    Service life ater and moisture resistance, anti-corrosion, aging resistance, non-returning, without external damage, the normal service life can reach more than 50 years In the wet environment of metal air duct, the base corrodes, and the variable increases after the rock absorbs moisture, which reduces the service life, and the service life is only about 5-10 years The base corrosion service life of metal air ducts in a humid environment is only about 5-10 years
    Other Net weight 25mm, save machine space The thickness is 60mm, occupying the floor space The thickness is 50mm, the surface temperature effect is not good

    The refractory clad metal air duct is filled with 50mm rock wool on the outer surface of the original metal air duct, and covered with 8mm or 9mm Bohengyi air duct plate. It meets the requirements for the fire resistance limit of ventilation ducts in GB51251-2017 "Technical Standards for Smoke Prevention and Exhaust Systems in Buildings".

    Combustion performance A1 grade, high strength and light weight, water and moisture resistance, easy processing".

    Widely used in smoke prevention and exhaust systems of various buildings.


    Structure Galvanized steel plate + rock wool + Bohengyi refractory duct plate
    Inner layer Material Galvanized steel
    Core Name Rock Wool
    Thickness 50mm
    Outer layer Material Bohengyi refractory duct board
    Thickness for 1 Hour fire resistance limit 8mm
    Thickness for 3 Hours fire resistance limit 9mm
    Link method Angle steel flange
    Construction methods Air duct hoisting and wrapping secondary construction


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