Dry floor heating module
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Dry floor heating module
The dry floor heating module has two different configuration modes for different ground requirements:
1. Grooved insulation board suitable for ceramic tiles;
2. Prefabricated groove insulation board + aluminum foil suitable for wooden floors.

Strong heat storage capacity, excellent thermal insulation performance, strong pressure bearing capacity, and does not contain any toxic and harmful substances.

Application field
Building ground insulation.

  • Effectively reduce the load and construction cost of the building

  • Reduce wet work on site

  • Standardized production, on-site assembly, saving construction period

  • Rapid temperature rise and good heat soaking effect

  • Saving floor height

  • The base layer does not need high precision leveling

  • The system will not be deformed after long-term use, and the bearing capacity is large.

    FEI, kg/m3 ≤500
    Flexural strength, MPa ≥0.5
    Compressive strength, MPa ≥2.0
    Combustion performance A1
    radioactive material Internal Exposure Index, Ig ≤1
    External Exposure Index, Ig ≤1
    Volume water absorption, % ≤20%
    Thermal conductivity, W/(m*k ≤0.12
    Formaldehyde emission, mg/L A1
    Size deviation ≤‡2

    (The above data are all from the test report of 9mm Bohengyi structural board)


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