Bohengyi Building Slab
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Bohengyi Building Slab
A new type of inorganic flat plate which is made of high-quality modified cement as base material and gelling agent, mineral fiber and other fibers as reinforcing material, and lightweight material as filler, through pulping, molding, curing and other processes. .

Good flatness, high strength, water and moisture resistance, no moisture absorption and no return to halogen.

Application field
The ground part of buildings such as light steel houses, packing houses, container houses, prefab houses, etc..

Test items Detection value Test items Detection value
PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS Fire-proof level A1 Class Dry elastic modulus MPa ≥6000
Impact strength K/m 7.8 Nail holding force N 120
Saturated flexural strength MPa 17.2 Gas quotient content % 0.01
Apparent density t/m3 0.9-1.4/customizable Bearing capacityN/m 1262
Dry shrinkage % 0.1 Asbestos content Asbestos free
Wet body rate % 0.1 Anti-halogenation No back-halogen, no back-moisture
Freeze-thaw resistance 25 freeze-thaw experiments Formaldehyde emission 0.16

(The above data are all from the test report of 9mm Bohengyi structural board)


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