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Fire Structural Board
As an improved product for the wall panels, roof panels and floor decks of light steel houses in the early stage, Bohengyi fireproof structural panels not only have A-level fireproof functions, but also have excellent water and moisture resistance, which solves the problem of products in the southwest and coastal areas of China. Problems with applications in generally humid environments in areas.

Class A fire resistance, water and moisture resistance, no formaldehyde, thermal insulation, shock resistance, and can effectively increase the service life of steel componentsg.

Application field
Prefabricated buildings/light steel villas/prefab houses/integrated houses' inner and outer wall base and roof.

Apparent density, Vm3 0.9<p≤1.1t/m3 1,1
deviation≤‡5% +4.8%
Factory water content,% ≤8% 7.4%
Shrinkage rate, % ≤0.3% 0.20%
Grow rate, % ≤0.3% 0.23%
Flexural strength, Mpa ≥8.0 30.5
Impact strength, ki/mr ≥2.5 6.3
Nail holding force, N/mm ≥30 87
Ammonium ion content, % ≤0.10% 0.04%
Anti-halogenation There should be no water droplets. no dampening No water droplets, no moisture back
Thermal conductivity, w/(mk) / 0.15
Water absorption, % / 0.29%
Freeze resistance 50 times / No rupture or delamination
Static bending strength, mpa / 28.6
Modulus of elasticity, mpa / 3980
Formaldehyde released most, mgn / 0.23
Burning class Class A Class A1

(The above data are all from the test report of 8mm Bohengyi structural board)


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