A1 class fire retardant board
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A1 class fire retardant board
Bohengyi board has won the national invention patent
It is a new type of environmentally friendly Class A fire retardant board which is formed by standard mixing of inorganic minerals, mixed with plant fibers, and then condensed through crystallization and solidification.

Combustion performance grade A1, formaldehyde emission grade E0, water and moisture resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, high strength and light weight, good processing performance.

Application field
Building wall base, ceiling, partition wall.

Bohengyi Technical Parameters
Test items Technical indicators Test Result
Fire resistance A1 CLASS GB 8624-2012
Apparent density 1.067 0.9<p≤1.1t/m3
Flexural strength, Mpa 12.5 ≥8
Impact strength, KJ/m² 2,7 ≥2.5
Factory Moisture % 1.2 > 8.0
Dry shrinkage % 0.12 ≤0.3
Swelling rate,% 0.17 ≤0.3
Anti-halogenation No water droplets, no moisture back There should be no water droplets and no dampening
Ammonia content % 0.068 ≤10.0

Bohengyi board has been widely used in the production of wall base, suspended ceiling, partition wall, smoke-blocking wall, etc. of industrial, commercial and civil buildings.

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