Class A1 fireproof decorative board
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Class A1 fireproof decorative board
Material characteristics
Class A fire, non-toxic and tasteless. Fast construction, cost saving, water and lake resistance, long life. Deep processing into various imitation tombs. Imitation marble and other different flower patterns, mainly used for decorative panels in engineering projects.

① Paste method: Paste the decorative panel directly on the keel with adhesive.

② Dry hanging method: blank wall/leveling parts/I-shaped structural parts/decorative board

③ Shelving method: The decorative panel is placed directly in the frame formed by the T-shaped keel, and it should be placed according to the design pattern requirements, and can be fixed with wooden strips and clips.

④ Item fixing method: Fix the veneer on the keel with nails, screws, self-tapping screws, etc. The nails should be arranged neatly.

⑤ Clamping method: It is mostly used for aluminum alloy hanging items. The plate and the keel are directly clamped and fixed, and there is no need to use other methods for reinforcement.

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