Sound-absorbing panels
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Sound-absorbing panels
The smoke-blocking vertical wall is made of non-combustible materials, and it is a fixed smoke-blocking facility with a sag of not less than 500 from the ceiling. Mainly used in high-rise or super-high-rise large shopping malls, office buildings and warehouses, etc., it can effectively block the lateral flow of smoke under the roof of the building, and improve the smoke exhaust effect in the smoke prevention zone.


The sound absorption characteristics of magnesium crystal sound-absorbing panels are similar to other porous materials. The sound absorption coefficient increases with the increase of frequency. The sound absorption coefficient of high frequency is very large performance.


Magnesium crystal sound-absorbing panels have sound-absorbing and heat-insulating properties, and the material of the panels is uniform, solid, tough, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, tear-resistant, not easy to be scratched, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anti-bacteria, heat insulation, freeze-thaw resistance, weather resistance Good performance, fast construction and other superior performance.


The magnesium crystal sound-absorbing board has been tested by the National Fire Protection Testing Center on the fire parameters, and the results show that the fire performance is A1, which meets the requirements of the national standard GB8624-2012.

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